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When your space is just too small, or it is not cost-effective to use a conventional hot water heater, a tankless unit can complete the job quite well. These extremely efficient units demand little maintenance and servicing annually or every two years is usually all that is needed. Rely on the professional plumbers at All Valley Plumbing for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Smokey Point. We have the education and experience to care for all issues involving your tankless water unit.

It is unusual to have operational difficulties with this appliance, but they can occur. If your water is not heating properly, there is insufficient hot water for several purposes simultaneously or the unit stops working while in use, contact a specialist. The unit can likely be repaired without extensive cost and inconvenience.

Cleaning out or descaling of the water heater on a periodic basis is recommended to make certain that it continues to operate efficiently. This valuable service aids in preventing buildup of mineral deposits inside the unit, which can lead to overheating. Water hardness often directs the incidence of this kind of maintenance. Flushing the unit can also avert a leak in the heat exchanger, which is the most frequent problem that occurs with tankless units.

Since tankless water heaters are complex pieces of equipment and involve many water and gas lines, in addition to a computer motherboard, skilled intervention is required. Count on All Valley Plumbing to evaluate your unit and provide you with an honest appraisal for restoration. Phone us at (425)357-7420 to make an appointment for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Smokey Point or for questions about your unit.

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