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Tankless water heaters are a great option for small spaces and are highly energy efficient. They require little maintenance but if issues arise, they should be handled only by professionals with specialized training. Periodic evaluation, about every year or two, is recommended to ensure continuous operation. To handle problems or maintenance, contact the technicians at All Valley Plumbing for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Stanwood. We have the requisite experience and aptitude to take care of all tankless water heater concerns.

Performance issues are relatively uncommon with this type of water heater, but it can happen. If your water is not heating as it should, the amount of hot water is inadequate for use by several appliances simultaneously or the unit suddenly stops working, consult a pro. Repair is often straightforward.

Tankless water heaters require occasional cleaning or scouring to eliminate calcium buildup in the interior. Excessive mineral deposits can lead to overheating. Water hardness determines how often this service should be completed. Flushing the unit also helps to prevent leaks from the heat exchanger, which are the greatest source of problems that occur with these water heaters.

Expert intervention is necessary to work with tankless water heaters, since the inside of each unit has a series of complex computer equipment and many gas and water lines. Phone the plumbing specialists at All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 with questions about your unit or to schedule a service call to diagnose potential problems. We promise to provide you with an accurate and reasonable repair estimate. Trust our experienced team for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Stanwood. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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