Tankless Water Heater Service Smokey Point Homeowners Can Trust

Tankless Water Heater Service Smokey Point Homeowners Can Trust

While a tankless water heating unit may not require a lot of fuss, you must have regular maintenance at least annually. Also known as on-demand hot water, the tankless systems are best having service every six months if you have hard water where you live, or it is set to a high temperature. All Valley Plumbing is here whenever you require tankless water heater maintenance or repair work in Smokey Point.

Tankless Systems

Much as the name implies, a tankless model does not have a large storage tank like traditional water heaters. Instead, these systems heat the water on demand as it flows through the water line. Whenever you use hot water in your home, you activate the tankless system, and water gets heated through elements, also called heat exchangers.

Service and Maintenance Needs

You may wonder how long a tankless system lasts, which could be around 20 years or longer, but you must have annual maintenance done. Unfortunately, many people think these units are “no maintenance” and fail to have them properly inspected and serviced. This can start to impact water heater longevity.

  • Tankless water heaters should be professionally serviced. When we come by for a maintenance visit, we descale or de-lime the system to remove any buildup around the elements.
  • Your system should be descaled annually. As mentioned, when you have hard water or run the unit at a higher temp, you will need to ensure the system gets serviced at least every six months.

Note: If your system’s temperature is set too high, you could also risk increased scale buildup. Most chemicals will dissolve quicker with heat, so the hotter your water temperature is, the faster the minerals can build around your heating elements.

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