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All Valley Plumbing is equipped to handle all types of water problems in your home, including: excessively chlorinated water, dishware that has spots after cleaning, skin that is dry and itchy, water stains that appear blue or red, water that has an odor or tastes funny and hard water that leaves your hair limp and clothes dull. The water that comes from your well or the city water that you access must be assessed for chemicals that may be causing harm. Our certified plumbers will take a sample and evaluate it to determine exactly what’s wrong and the best water filtration systems in Bothell to quickly eliminate the problem(s) at an affordable rate.

Issues with home water are varied, but may be due to extremely hard water, nitrates, sulfur or an accumulation of dispersed solids. After we find out the cause, we can give you recommendations about the equipment necessary to resolve the situation and install it for you. There are a number of options available to you regarding filtration, water softeners and tank sizes. Specific apparatus required takes into consideration your water usage and water hardness.

Our services not only cover home water, but commercial and industrial water solutions for businesses of all sizes:

  • Lab and medical grade water applications
  • Deionization
  • Pure water
  • Water softening systems
  • Demineralization
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Carbon filtering
  • Depth filters

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