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You may have a difficulty with the water at home and not even realize it. Issues such as hard water that causes dingy clothes and flat hair, chlorinated water, red or blue water stains, dishes and glasses that have water spots, skin that is itchy and dry and poorly tasting water that smells and looks unappetizing are common signs of water problems. All Valley Plumbing is equipped to address these situations, whether your water comes from the city or a well. Testing the water can pinpoint harmful chemicals that may be present and will indicate the most appropriate water filtration systems in Edmonds to take care of it.

A comprehensive water test will locate the problem cause: nitrates, unwarranted hardness, sulfur, surplus diffused solids or an assortment of other complications. After uncovering the cause, we will supply suggestions for a water filtration system that will meet your requirements and hook it up to settle your water troubles. There are plentiful water softener, filtration and tank options and sizes. Water volume and hardness will be used to measure the extent and size of required equipment.

For clients who operate larger-scale industrial and commercial water systems, we supply extensive water filtration solutions that include: pure water, depth filters, water suitable for medical and lab situations, demineralization, carbon filtering, water softening, deionization and reverse osmosis.

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