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The water lines that are a part of the plumbing system in your home or commercial property are a valuable portion of complete plumbing operation. If you have a problem like flooding, extreme water bills, or even an outwardly unimportant leak, the specialists at All Valley Plumbing can take stock of the situation to locate the cause the and give you a reasonable solution. We can take care of all your water lines – new & repair service in Granite Falls to make sure that your water remains safe for consumption, cleaning, laundry and other use. Water that looks, smells or tastes strangely is not normal and should be evaluated quickly before the issue escalates. Our trained pros also repair sewer pipes, which are sometimes confused with water lines. The 2 lines can occasionally combine if the sewer backflow device breaks. Since this is potentially dangerous, notify us swiftly if you feel that this may be the case.

Water leaks do happen, especially with aging pipes, new construction or from a hard freeze. Damage can also result from rocks or tree roots that impinge on pipes, rust or shifting soil. These situations can cause water to be unsafe for consumption. Postponing repair can lead to worse damage. Let our team inspect your property to find the source of the water issue. We can then make a repair or re-pipe.

For installation or restoration, we will address the issue with expertise and little disturbance to the surrounding area. Our certified technicians are skilled in all aspects of home and commercial plumbing and we are proud of our work.

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