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Water Lines – New & Repair Service in Lynnwood

Your home or business plumbing includes numerous components. If something is wrong with your water lines you may notice higher than normal water bills, water pooling in the yard, flooding issues or even a tiny leak. These are signs that you should inform the plumbing professionals at All Valley Plumbing. We will examine your plumbing system and water lines to find the source of the problem and offer the best solution to take care of it. We are skilled at dealing with water lines – new & repair service in Lynnwood and will effectively safeguard your water for consumption and overall use. Water that appears odd or tastes or smells “off” is a valid reason to call experienced technicians. Our plumbing specialists work with sewer pipes, in addition to water lines, which can be confused by lay persons. If the sewer backflow device fails, the 2 lines can combine, causing contaminated water. If you think this may be the case, let us know quickly so that we can remedy the situation and restore potable water.

New construction, old pipes and a hard freeze can all result in a water leak. Damage can also occur from rust, rocks or tree roots or shifting soil. These issues can also cause unsafe water. Delaying repair can bring about even more harm and greater expense. Let us find your leak and swiftly repair it. If re-piping is necessary, we can manage that, as well.

For installation, replacement or repair, we will tackle the problem with expertise and little disturbance. We take pride in our work in an assortment of home and commercial plumbing situations.

For water lines – new & repair service in Lynnwood, contact All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420.