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Your home or business water lines are critical aspects of the plumbing system. If you notice flooding; leaking; high water bills or water with an abnormal taste, look or smell, communicate with the techs at All Valley Plumbing. We will assess the situation with the pipes to determine the origin of the problem and effectively resolve it. Your water lines – new & repair service in Mukilteo must operate in a specific way to maintain potable water for consumption and other purposes. Our specialists can additionally address water that has accidentally mixed with waste in the sewer lines, probably due to a breakdown of the sewer backflow device. Since this is a very serious issue, phone us immediately so that we can reestablish safe water to your structure.

Unfortunately, water leaks are not that unusual, especially with frozen pipes, new construction or older pipes. Damage can also result from tree root or rock obstructions, uneven soil or from oxidized pipes. These conditions can cause hazardous water, too. Postponing repair can potentially lead to an even more serious situation. Let our experienced plumbing techs evaluate your property to find the source of a leak or other issue with the water lines. We can then take the necessary steps for repair or re-piping.

Trust our skilled plumbing specialists for water line installation, replacement and repair with little disruption to your schedule or the affected area. Our experts are ready to tackle your home and commercial plumbing.

Phone All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 for an appointment for reliable and cost-effective water lines – new & repair service in Mukilteo. We take pride in a job well done.

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