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The water lines at your house or business are critical components of the plumbing system, as they are responsible for delivering clean water where you need it. Issues like leaks; flooding; high water bills; water that looks, smells and tastes funny or a broken sewer backflow device can all lead to unsafe water for drinking and other uses. The educated technicians at All Valley Plumbing will evaluate the situation to determine the problem and provide recommendations for the most effective solution. We are able to handle all aspects of your water lines – new & repair service in Smokey Point to safeguard your water.

Water leaks are more common than you may believe, and can be caused by many factors, including: shifting soil, rust and deterioration, aging pipes, an oversight in new construction, frozen pipes or rocks or tree roots that obstruct proper flow. especially with older pipes or after a hard freeze. Postponing an inspection and subsequent repair can lead to even more damage and extensive expense. Let our pros look over your property and its structures to find the source of a leak or other situation. We can then supply a successful repair or re-pipe it if necessary, with minimal inconvenience and cost.

For replacement, renovation or new installation, our certified plumbers will take care of the issue with skill and attention to detail. Our technicians are proficient in all types of home and commercial plumbing projects. We hope you will join our long list of satisfied customers.

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