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If you think you may have a water main leak at your home or business property, you can find out yourself if there is an issue before contacting a plumber. To remedy the situation, schedule a service call with the expert crew at All Valley Plumbing for water main line repair service in Arlington.

The piping network that connects your plumbing to the local water source is called a water main and it can be complicated to restore. Older buildings with older plumbing require frequent monitoring to ensure that everything continues to operate normally. It may be a wise idea to completely replace aging plumbing to prevent potential flooding damage in the future.

Contrary to what most individuals imagine, a water main leak is not the usual cause of water pressure loss. A leak is typically revealed when hearing rushing water or a humming noise in the pipes. You may also observe excessive water consumption or a squelchy landscape.

You can check for a leak in the water main in a few simple steps. Switch off the valve on the meter that is often found on one side of the structure. Water will cease to flow when the dials stop turning. Next, empty the residual water in the plumbing to be sure that there is not a leak elsewhere in the system. Lastly, listen closely to the pipe. There should be no sound. Hearing running water is evidence of a leak in the water main. Slowly turn the water meter regulator back on to keep from damaging the pipes with water rushing in.

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