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If you think that the water main line at your home or commercial property is malfunctioning or broken, you can test it before contacting a plumber to diagnose the issue. When the problem is a leak or broken line, speak with the qualified team at All Valley Plumbing for water main line repair service in Marysville.

The pipe network that connects your plumbing to the public water source is known as a water main and it can be pricey to repair. If you have an older building, with accompanying older pipes, they require more frequent evaluation to ensure that they continue to perform normally. A comprehensive replacement may stave off a flooded building and widespread damage at a later date.

A leak in the main water line does not usually cause water pressure loss and is a rare occurrence. A typical leak manifests itself via a vibrating sound or running water in the pipes. You may also have a higher water bill or flooding in the landscape.

You can check for a leak yourself by closing the regulator on the water meter often found on the side of the structure. Water stops running through the pipes if all the dials stop moving. Then, empty the remaining water from the plumbing to confirm that there is not a leak elsewhere. Lastly, listen to the pipe. The pipes should be quiet. If you hear the sound of running water, there is a water main leak. Slowly turn the valve on to keep from damaging pipes with fast-moving water.

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