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If the water main at your residence or business is displaying signs of malfunction, you can test the system before calling a plumber. To take care of whatever may be wrong, reach out to All Valley Plumbing for water main line repair service in Smokey Point.

The arrangement of pipes that link your plumbing to the community water supply is the water main and it can be a complex process to restore. If your building and its plumbing are older, the system needs routine maintenance to make certain that it continues to operate as usual. It may be wise to have the water main completely replaced to avoid flooding and extensive damage potential.

A main water line leak does not typically cause loss of water pressure. The typical sign of a leak is hearing running water or a shaking sound in the pipes. There may also be greater than normal water usage or a soggy landscape.

You can assess the water main by switching off the regulator on the water meter that can be found on the side of the building. Water will stop flowing when the dials cease to turn. Drain the remaining water in the plumbing to double-check that a leak is not coming from somewhere else. Now listen closely to the pipe. There should be no noise in the pipes. If you hear water, there is seepage in the water main. Gradually switch the valve back on to keep from injuring pipes with rushing water.

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