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If you feel that there may be a problem with the water main line at your residential or business property, you can evaluate the situation before calling a plumber to deal with the issue. When the difficulty is beyond your skill level, contact the experienced pros at All Valley Plumbing for water main line repair service in Sultan.

The water main is the system of conduits that join your plumbing to the public water supply and it can be complicated to repair. If your building and the plumbing are aged, they need more frequent maintenance to ensure that the plumbing continues to function appropriately and safely. Total replacement may prevent a flooded building and widespread damage later.

A leak in the main water line does not usually cause loss of water pressure, as many people imagine. This is a rare occurrence. More common is a humming noise or running water inside the pipes. You may also have increased water output or puddles in strange places in the yard.

You can conduct a leak test by closing the valve on the water meter that can be found on the side of the structure. Water stops going when the dials cease to turn. Next, take out the rest of the water from the plumbing to guarantee that there is not a leak in another area. Now listen to the pipe itself. After following these steps, there should be no noise. If you hear water, you have a leak in the water main. Carefully switch the valve back on to evade pipe damage from rushing water.

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