What Does Rooter Service Mean?

What Does Rooter Service Mean?

The last thing you want is tree roots, debris, or corrosion breaking up your sewer lines and the drains for your home. Once this happens, you must contact a professional rooter service in Lake Stevens to get to the heart of the matter promptly. All Valley Plumbing is here to help!

What Is Rooter Service?

A rooter is a machine used for drain cleaning created to help unblock drains clogged up with debris and tree roots. When you hire a rooter service, you call the plumbing repair experts to help you with your pipes and drains. Today’s plumbing professionals have various tools and technology to get the job done to ensure you have free and clear lines. The name for such service comes from the familiar culprit of such drain issues: tree roots.

Hiring a rooter service will help you solve the common issues that develop with slow and clogged drains. Blockages can impact your plumbing in several ways, including problems with the fixtures. You may also have a severe clog that can cause a backup or a hidden leak within the lines. Regarding your sewer lines, you could have a clog that has developed due to root infiltration, non-flushable items getting stuck, or both.

When you call us at All Valley Plumbing, we can come to your home to help you combat these common problems. We are professionals in the area and have a wealth of experience regarding clogs and blockages. Once you contact us, we can send someone out to your location at your earliest convenience to do a full assessment of your needs.

When you need a rooter service in Lake Stevens, you can count on our staff at All Valley Plumbing. Call us today at (425) 357-7420, and we can set up an appointment.