What To Do About Your Sultan Clay Or Concrete Sewer Lines

What To Do About Your Sultan Clay Or Concrete Sewer Lines

If you own an older or historic home, the chances are higher that it may also have older sewer lines connected to it. In some cases, older homes will have clay or concrete sewer piping that can start to break down and will call for attention. If you notice that you have issues with older pipes and have to remedy the situation, you will need to call a team of professionals that can provide you with repair or replacement of your clay or concrete sewer lines in Sultan.

These are just some of the issues that you could experience when it comes to concrete or clay sewer lines:

Pipe Failure

Due to settling, sewer lines can move and shift in the ground. Weather changes and the ground freezing up and thawing can lead to movement in the pipes that could cause cracking or leakage from the fittings. This type of leak can fester over time, and root infiltration may take hold. Once this gets out of control, there could be a significant blockage in the pipe, or the line might burst.


If a lot of time passes, the older clay or concrete piping connected to your home can start to break down. This can cause leakage, and sewage may seep into the ground surrounding the house. The professionals can come to your property to assess the situation to see if repairs can be done or if a total replacement is in order.

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