You Can Count On Us When You Need Hot Water Tank Repair In Arlington

You Can Count On Us When You Need Hot Water Tank Repair In Arlington

Once the water heater in your home starts to break down, you need a professional that can help with hot water tank repair in Arlington. No matter the issue you are having with your water heating system, we have trained technicians at All Valley Plumbing that can come out and determine the best course of action.

Some of the most common issues that arise with a water heater when our customers call includes:

  • No hot water coming from the taps
  • Low pressure with the hot water line
  • Odd noises coming from the water tank, such as banging, clanking sounds, ticking, or hissing
  • Leaking water from the tank or piping
  • Water with rust or sediment coming from the tap
  • Pilot light not staying lit up (gas heating units)

The water heater is an element of your home that is used regularly. You need it to perform beautifully, or it will disrupt your daily activities from washing your hands to cleaning the house, and much more. All Valley Plumbing will come out, assess the unit, and determine the right course of action for repair.

Life of a Hot Water Tank

The lifespan of your hot water tank will usually depend on the type that you have. Most water heating units can last anywhere from 10 years up to 20 years or so, with proper maintenance.

In some instances, we may suggest that you get a replacement if repair is not a viable option. We can be available to talk with you about options for a replacement to include some of our favorite brands.

Never wait to have hot water tank repair in Arlington. Call All Valley Plumbing at (425) 357-7420 and we will send out a technician as soon as possible.