Peace Of Mind With Sump Pump Installation & Repair Service In Mill Creek

Peace Of Mind With Sump Pumps Installation & Repair Service In Mill Creek

Living in an area that receives over three feet of rainwater each year makes it essential to prepare for the removal of excess water in your home or business. Installing and maintaining a sump pump in a basement or underground level will help keep your area nice and dry. The professionals at All Valley Plumbing can help when it comes to your sump pump installation & repair service in Mill Creek.

Cracks and gaps in your foundation over time can allow the seepage of water and rainwater into your home or business. The foundation and walls of your home or business can be damaged over time from water exposure, and anything above the flooding level can create severe damage and issues that are very costly to repair. The excavation and installation of a sump pit allow the water to be collected in the hollow, and when it hits a certain level, the pump turns on and removes all of the excess water before flooding occurs.

The use of sump pumps is designed to address specific concerns. There are two different types of sump pumps, submersible, and pedestal.  A submersible pump sits below the water level in the sump pit, allowing it to remain cool and not overheat; a pedestal pump needs a little more room, they sit above the water level and usually have a float switch to turn it on an off automatically as the water level rises. Constant airflow to the top of the pedestal pump is required to stop the unit from overheating. Both pumps have hook-up for a drainage tube or hose to connect when pumping out the water.

At All Valley Plumbing, we also offer repair of sump pumps as well as the installation of new pumps. It is recommended to check your pump regularly to make sure it is in top working order.  If your pump is making a funny noise, it is more than ten years old, or if your basement is wet and or submerged, it may be time to repair or replace your existing pump.

Our professional plumbing technicians can assist with the installation of sump pits, sump plumbing, and sump pumps.  We are also more than happy to help provide maintenance of your pump with items such as battery fluid observation, float switch operation, and pump functions. Our skilled professional plumbers offer sump pump installation & repair service in Mill Creek, call us today to schedule an appointment (425) 357-7420.