Treat Yourself To A New Garbage Disposal Installation This Year

Treat Yourself To A New Garbage Disposal Installation This Year

For something like a new garbage disposal for your Granite Falls home, this is not always something you want to attempt as a DIY. Let All Valley Plumbing help with your disposal installation needs so you can get guaranteed results!

Our professional plumbing technicians are here for all the kitchen plumbing needs you have, including garbage disposal installations, repair work, and replacement.

Why Get a Garbage Disposal Professionally Installed?

All Valley Plumbing has been helping area customers for many years, including installing countless garbage disposal units. We have the experience and highly-trained plumbers to ensure you get a quality installation that will last. Additionally, we always clearly explain the equipment and suggest maintenance and more.

Some of the many reasons to go pro rather than DIY include the following:

  • Disposals could be dangerous when improperly installed, causing leaks where electrical components can pose a hazard
  • There needs to be a certain level of clearance away from other plumbing fixtures for proper function
  • Garbage disposals also have to be adequately connected to your property’s sewer line to remove waste accordingly

What About the Cost?

The cost for your installation will depend on various factors, including the unit selection to provide you with your disposal needs. For example, there are batch or continuous feed models, motors, and steel types. You can always count on us to review your needs, discuss the available models, and help select the perfect installation that is well worth your monetary investment.

Your installation in a few easy steps:

  1. Schedule your new garbage disposal installation
  2. Our professional technician will arrive and assess your sink space, discuss options, and more
  3. We will then install your new disposal and ensure everything is running properly

When a new garbage disposal installation is in your plans, call All Valley Plumbing to your Granite Falls property – (425) 357-7420.