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Does your property use clay or concrete sewer pipes at your home or business? Clay pipes have existed for eons and maintained their usefulness for municipal plumbing and drainage through the early 1900s. Current manufacturing practices now effectively produce a dense, terra cotta clay pipe that is routinely used today across the country, though the pipes are frequently surrounded in concrete for extra fortification against invasive roots and unstable landscapes. All Valley Plumbing is pleased to be a reliable local source for concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Edmonds.

Cylinders made from clay and concrete sewer are long lasting and extremely durable. They are environmentally friendly because of their construction of used clay, water and additional natural elements. Clay pipes also never rust like iron typically does and can last for centuries in premium conditions.

All plumbing systems have some disadvantages, and that includes clay networks. Clay is heavy and challenging to transport as opposed to lightweight PVC, they sometimes break when under extreme pressure and can develop leaks from root intrusion or other means. It is smart to have clay pipes encased in concrete for the extra fortification, which leads to more expensive installation costs.

For expert clay pipe evaluation, installation of new clay lines or to repair a section that is leaking, reach out to the pros at All Valley Plumbing. We have the qualifications and skill to handle all aspects of concrete or clay sewer lines installation, service, replacement & repair in Edmonds. Feel free to call us at (425) 357-7420 for an appointment or for inquiries about clay sewer line operation. We can be reached  for clay sewer line emergencies.

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