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One particular plumbing problem at your residence or business that can be difficult to identify and repair is a sewer line obstruction. This issue can cause water leakage and an overpowering smell. Sometimes you can take care of the situation yourself, if you believe that the line is undamaged. Otherwise, expert sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Everett is necessary. All Valley Plumbing specialists can help.

Common obstructions in the sewer line include hair, paper products, food waste and other substances. Signs that something is wrong include slow toilet flushing or sink drains that empty slowly. Plunging the line often works for negligible clogs.

If you think one toilet or sink is the basis of the problem, stop operating that fixture until the situation is resolved. Most of the time, though, several fixtures are involved. Waste may be released by using a plunger or emptying a vinegar and hot water mixture into the drain. If these solutions do not work, an experienced plumber is needed.

A knowledgeable plumbing pro will visually evaluate the situation, with leak finding equipment or cameras and conclude the most successful means to take care of it. This may be by using a plumber’s snake, air burst drain cleaners or sewer jet nozzles. A more serious problem like a fractured or broken pipe will involve repair or replacement and aggressive restoration techniques.

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