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If there is a problem with the water main line at your residential or business property, there are some tests you can do before calling a plumber. To resolve the problem, contact the team at All Valley Plumbing for trenchless water main line repair service in Everett.

The water main is the system of pipes that join your plumbing to the public water source in your area and it can be expensive to repair. If your building is old, the plumbing system is usually older, too, and needs more regular monitoring to ensure that it functions normally. A complete replacement may save the building from a flood and widespread damage in the future.

A main water line leak does not usually cause loss of water pressure. A common first sign of a leak is a vibrating sound in the pipes or hearing running water. You may also see increased water usage or large puddles in the landscape.

You can test for a water main leak by turning off the valve on the meter that is typically located on the side of the structure. Water will stop running if all the dials cease to turn. Next, empty the rest of the water in the plumbing to make sure that there is not a leak elsewhere. Finally, listen closely to the pipe itself. After carrying out these steps, there should be no sound in the pipes. If you hear water running, there is a water main leak. Slowly and carefully turn on the valve to dodge damaging pipes with rushing water.

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