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Drain tile is highly effective at protecting a building’s foundation from water. The perforated pipe, its filter medium and the trench in which they rest below ground surround the foundation and take water away from the walls. Drain tile is usually installed by contractors during building construction to ensure that water slopes away from the foundation, although it can be included later. Poorly installed drain tile can cause flooding in the yard, basement and crawl space. Consult an expert at All Valley Plumbing for guidance concerning drain tile installation, service, replacement & repair in Edmonds.

If you see water accumulating in the crawl space or basement of your home or business, this often signals a problem with the drain tile. There may be an obstruction in the line. Your sump pit should empty completely and the drain tile outlet flow easily. Since looking over the crawl space or basement is not often completed, water levels can increase unawares and develop serious complications with wood trusses and floor joists. Wet wood can become unstable. Drain tile can fail prematurely if it is not put in properly. Routine inspection of the structure by a trained plumber can ensure that your drain tile is functioning as it should.

Repairing a drain tile is not as simple as it sounds. If only a small portion is affected, repair can usually be initiated. Most of the time, though, it is better to replace the entire system to guarantee that it is intact and operational and lasts for many years.

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