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A gas leak can be frightening and can lead to a more serious issue if not discovered and remedied quickly. If you smell gas at your home or business, contact the pros at All Valley Plumbing to deal with the problem. Our technicians can help you with gasfitting service & repair in Lake Stevens for difficulties with your gas hot water tank, gas heater or gas stove. We will effectively diagnose the problem and resolve it swiftly, without breaking your budget.

Have you thought about making the switch from electric appliances to gas? Our specialists will install new gas lines and appliances, gas fireplaces and fittings for outdoor kitchens and gas barbeque grills.

When it comes to natural gas, we consider safety our number one concern. We complete all gasfitting services according to code to ensure safe operation at all times. Our gasfitters are trained and certified, with the necessary skill and experience in repair, installation, gas pipe replacement and fitting. You can rely on the experts at All Valley Plumbing for plumbing and gasfitting needs.

Our comprehensive gasfitting services include:

  • Interior and exterior gas lines
  • Gas line installation and hook ups
  • Gas line replacement and repair
  • Gas line maintenance
  • Gas pipe replacement and repair
  • Gas pipe hook ups and fitting
  • Maintenance of gas pipes

Licensed to take care of gas projects in all size commercial and residential settings, the techs at All Valley Plumbing are pleased to provide qualified gasfitting service & repair in Lake Stevens. Call us today at (425)357-7420 for additional information about our services or for inquiries about a specific gas situation. We look forward to serving your natural gas needs.

All Valley Plumbing can help you with the following issues in the North Seattle and Snohomish County area:

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