Rooter Service To The Rescue In Lake Stevens

Rooter Service To The Rescue In Lake Stevens

You may already look to our All Valley Plumbing team for new fixtures, water heater replacements, and pipe leak repair, but did you know we also provide professional rooter service drain cleaning? If you notice issues within your Lake Stevens plumbing drain network, we have the rooter equipment and experience to do the job quickly and efficiently.

Do I Need Rooter Service?

If you end up running your faucet or flushing a toilet and notice a backup, you need to contact professional plumbers immediately. These are telling signs that you have a sewer obstruction and require rooter services as soon as possible. If you fail to call us to remedy the issue, you could have sewage backing up into your living space.

Any Stoppages Must Get Removed

Obstructions within your sewer line are a severe problem. Such an issue can become a health hazard Without tending to it. You need skilled plumbing technicians with the right equipment to handle the task. All Valley Plumbing has rooter equipment and camera technology to get a closer look down inside your pipes and pinpoint the blockage’s root cause. We have various techniques to help clear the clog and ensure your pipes are safely and efficiently freed of all debris and buildup.

Reminder About Chemical Solutions

While over-the-counter chemical products sometimes do the trick, they can cause more harm than good. These harsh chemicals can start to create corrosion issues within your pipes or throw off the balance within your septic system over time. Hiring professionals for safe rooter service is an excellent way to feel confident you are taking the best route for quality results.

NOTE: We provide emergency plumbing services when available. Please get in touch with our offices for more details.

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