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For superior sewer repair in Snohomish, including replacement and cleaning of sewer lines, contact the experienced technicians at All Valley Plumbing. Pipes often require service because of:

  • Misshapen pipes due to excessive rust.
  • Pipes that are clogged from grease accumulation or an unknown object stuck in the line.
  • Broken, fractured, unbalanced or collapsed pipes from a hard freeze or unstable or settling soil.
  • Bellied pipe (a valley in the pipe from unfavorable ground conditions) that gathers waste and causes a blockage.
  • Joint leaks from broken seals.
  • Cheap pipe materials that lead to untimely weakening or corrosion.
  • Shrub and tree roots that impede proper flow.

Our sewer specialists utilize state-of-the-art technology and apparatus to put an end to these unfortunate problems, including:

  • Reparation of a sewer line via an open hole in the ground to get to the injured pipe, occasionally with a backhoe to uncover and fill-up the area.
  • All Valley Plumbing also employs trenchless sewer line repair measures to accomplish a repair without more aggressive practices.
  • Through small entry holes in the ground at the start and finish of a burst pipe, a hydraulic mechanism moves a new pipe alongside the old one and destroys the previous pipe at the same time. The replacement pipe is strong and able to resist damage from roots and leaks.
  • When epoxy is inserted into a pipe through a building’s clean-out access, it molds itself to the pipe’s interior, forming a lining not unlike that in food cans. Pipe relining requires little, if any, digging and works well for pipes that are root-damaged, roof drain pipes, below concrete, storm lines and holes and cracks in seals. This type of repair is quite efficient and emphasizes a sturdy and nontoxic finish.

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