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Preparing your home or business for the average 37.5 inches of rain that are expected in our area each year is important. One such preparation for surplus groundwater is the installation and maintenance of a sump pump, particularly if you have a basement or a level underground. All Valley Plumbing technicians are able to proficiently and affordably supply sump pumps installation & repair service in Everett.

Rain and water must go somewhere. Seepage into a crack or hole in your foundation often occurs. This can develop into wall and foundation damage, as well as flooding that ruins your belongings. Digging a sump pit will allow water to collect in the hole and the pump to empty it before saturation occurs.

Different sump pumps are available that meet specific needs. A submersible pump sits in ground water of the pit to keep it from burning up. A pedestal pump is air cooled, requiring more air flow and space to avoid overheating. This pump works better for bigger areas. Both pumps remove water from the pit through a drain pipe that ends outside.

Turning on the sump pump requires a particular kind of float switch. Tethered switches operate best for deep and wide pits. Narrow and shallow pits function better with vertical switches. Electronic switches can be utilized with both vertical and tethered design but with electric parts that read water levels.

You may need sump pump repair if your lower level or basement is wet or flooded, if the pit is overfull or there are strange noises coming from the pump. Replacement should be made every 5-10 years.

All Valley Plumbing is pleased to offer installation of sump pits, sump pumps and sump plumbing. We also offer maintenance services that cover monitoring of the pump condition and battery fluid level, battery checkup, dual float switch design and programmed operation and charging.

Our technicians will provide quality sump pumps installation & repair service in Everett when you need it most. Call All Valley Plumbing at (425)357-7420 for an appointment.

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