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Northwest Washington is well-known for the excess of 3 feet of rain every year, so it is important to be prepared for the deluge. A sump pump ensures that surplus water does not soak your underground level or basement. All Valley Plumbing pros provide quality sump pumps installation & repair service in Granite Falls.

Holes and foundation cracks offer easy access for rain to enter a building and can lead to foundation and wall damage and the destruction of property. A sump pit in the floor receives the water and the pump drains it out before your property becomes saturated.

There are several kinds of sump pumps. A submersible model stays cool as it sits in the groundwater of the pit and works well in small spaces. An air-cooled pedestal pump requires a larger area to prevent overheating. A drain pipe from the pit takes water outside.

The sump pump is operated by a float switch. Deep and wide pits need a tethered switch. Narrow, shallow pits function work better with vertical switches. Electronic switches can be used with both and electronically read water levels.

Distinctive signs that your sump pump needs repair include a basement that is wet or flooded, water exiting the pit, strange sounds coming from the pump or if your unit is over 10 years old.

All Valley Plumbing expertly handles sump pumps, pits and plumbing. We are also pleased to provide regular maintenance service that includes monitoring of battery fluid levels and condition of the pump, battery evaluation, automatic charging and function and double float switch design.

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