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When the space you have is too small for a conventional tank water heater, an energy efficient tankless unit can handle the job. These units require little room and infrequent maintenance, making them a wise choice for any home or business owner. You can count on All Valley Plumbing specialists for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Lynnwood. We have the skills and experience required to care for any problems you may have with your tankless water unit.

It is unusual to have operational issues with this appliance, but situations can happen. If your water does not heat well, there is not enough hot hot water for multiple uses simultaneously or the water heater suddenly stops, contact a pro. Repair is often straightforward.

Routine descaling or flushing of the water heater is recommended to ensure optimal function. This service prevents accumulation of calcium inside the unit, which can cause higher temperatures at the burner. The hardness of your water indicates the frequency of this maintenance service. Scouring out the unit can also stop a heat exchanger leak, which is the most frequent problem seen with tankless units.

Since the internal mechanisms of tankless water heaters are intricate and contain many gas and water lines, along with sensitive computer gear, it is necessary to consult experts in the field. The All Valley Plumbing team will evaluate the problem with your unit and give you an honest estimate for repair or replacement. Phone us at (425)357-7420 to schedule a service call for tankless hot water heater service & repair in Lynnwood.

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