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If you think that you may have a problem with your water main line at your residential or commercial property, there are some things you can do before calling a plumber to deal with the issue. When the problem is beyond your capabilities, contact the experienced team at All Valley Plumbing for water main line repair service in Lake Stevens.

Your water main is the system of pipes that connect your plumbing to the public water supply in your area and it can be costly to repair. If your building is older, it is likely that the plumbing system is older, as well, and requires more frequent monitoring to ensure that it continues to function as it should. A complete replacement even if there are no issues may save the building from flooding and extensive damage later.

A leak in the main water line does not often result in loss of water pressure, as many people believe. This is rare. The typical first indication of a leak is a humming sound coming from the pipes or hearing running water. You may also notice increased water usage or puddles in unusual places in the landscape.

You can test for a leak by closing the valve on the meter usually located on the side of the building. Water stops running through the structure if all the dials cease to move. Next, drain the rest of the water from the plumbing to ensure that there is not a leak from somewhere else. Finally, listen to the pipe itself. After completing these steps, there should be no sound. If you hear running water, you have a water main leak. Carefully and slowly turn the valve back on to avoid damaging pipes with rushing water.

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