We Can Ensure Your Sultan Sewer Line Blockage Gets The Attention It Needs

Whether residential or commercial, all properties need functional sewage removal. The sewer line is one of the more vital elements of the plumbing system. Should it get damaged or a clog develops, it can bring about unsavory issues that must be resolved as soon as possible. Calling in the pros will ensure you have the sewer line backup or blockage service & repair in Sultan that you need.

Our team at All Valley Plumbing would like you to know some of the warning signs to look for that may be telling you a blockage or backup is developing in your sewer line:

Tubs and Sinks That Drain Slowly

If there is a sewer line issue, your property’s toilets, sinks, and tubs/showers may start draining slower than usual. If you notice that more than one fixture is impacted, it definitely points to something underneath the surface. Should you hear gurgling sounds in the sinks or other drains when you flush the toilet, there could be root infiltration, causing a backup in the underground line.

Constant Plunging To Get Results

While plunging the drains or toilets here and there might be necessary, having to do it all the time can indicate that the clog might be down within the sewer line.

Foul Smells

Of course, due to the items that go down the drains, you may notice foul smells developing if there is a hidden issue. Should you detect foul odors coming from the drains, you need to call a professional plumber as soon as possible.

All Valley Plumbing is here for all your plumbing needs. Call us for sewer line back-up or blockage service & repair in Sultan at (425) 357-7420.